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    Many sites offer to sell you an interface cable for the BC895XLT.  After viewing some of the schematics (and their prices) of these cables, it occurred to me that anyone can produce the cable necessary to achieve computer control without spending a bundle.

    Some of the following information may seem arcane, however, if you're into computers and electronics, this exercise should pose no difficulty.

    The first item to procure is an audio cable used primarily with internal CD-ROM drives.  One end of this cable consists of a connector utilized for the most popular sound cards or individual proprietary interface cards (they do vary greatly).  The other end should pocess a connector that is rectangular in nature with all the conductors in a line.  The closest that I can come to in terms of similarity is the connectors utilized for attaching LEDs, keyswitch, turbo switch. etc., to the motherboard within a computer.  If you experience any difficulty or have any questions, contact you local computer retailer.


    Cut the end with the soundcard connector and crimp an RJ11 connector (commonly available at Radio Shack) in its place.  You might want to wrap some electrical tape near the end to help the RJ11 connector get a better grip on the cable.

    Since pins 1 & 5 and 2 & 4 are jumpered together inside the receiver, the plug can be reversed as long as pin "A" (see above) is always on the outside.

    This is a flexible setup, since you can either connect the cable directly to a personality adapter, or use a RJ11 female-female adapter and a regular (flat) telephone cable (also known as Silver Satin) to move the receiver father from the PC, thus helping to further reduce RF interference radiating from the computer.

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