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    What's new in the June 27th '98 edition:

    Added some notes regarding radio codes.

    I am currently employed with the Singing River Hospital System as a PC specialist.  One of the premier health care organizations in the Jackson County, Mississippi, area, the hospital system includes Singing River Hospital and Ocean Springs Hospital in Ocean Springs.  The hospital system also features clinics on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and in Alabama.

    If, however, your organization requires an MIS/IT Field Engineer, and your organization is located on or near the Mississippi Gulf Coast, then please check my resume and contact me.

    If you're planning to relocate to (or already live in) the Vancleave, Mississippi area and are in need of affordable, well-built homes, you own it to yourself to investigate this company as a contractor for your new  home.  They built my present home and we love it!

    Over the years I have found that one of the best ways to keep abreast and informed about current events and situations in my area is to follow the local fire and police departments.  You do need to procure the required equipment in order to listen to them, and there is a vast and varied amount of receivers you can choose from.  However, all is not lost, for your local Radio Shack is an excellent starting point, since most will stock all manner of scanning receivers: They'll advise you as to the most logical receiver for your needs.  Most also keep a list of local frequencies to get you started.

    You can also check other sites or links for information regarding scanners and where to find advice and information.

    Even though there are clouds on the horizon, it's not against the law (right now) to listen, so utilize your rights!

    When I was a field engineer I had the opportunity to travel all over portions of South Mississippi, as well as parts of Alabama, Louisiana and Northwest Florida.  As such, I have been able to amass a considerable large database of radio frequencies from these areas.  Enjoy, and contact me with updates!

Frequencies for South Mississippi
- or -
Frequencies for Neighboring States

    I have also included a glossary of common terms utilized within the scanning community.  Please be advised, however, that not all terminology can be incorporated herein, but this collection provides a good start.

    There's been a recently introduced Bill, H.R. 2369 (The Wireless Privacy Enhancement Act of 1998), authored by Rep Billy Tauzin, R-La, that already has cleared the Senate Committee of Commerce, Science & Transportation.  This bill, if it becomes law, could spell trouble for the scanning hobby and make law-abiding citizens criminals just for listening to the local fire and police departments on their scanners!  Popular Communications magazine has been following the progress of this Bill since its inception and usually has the most up-to-date information.  If you wish, you can e-mail Rep. Tauzin and let him know what you think about this Bill!


    If you travel extensively around the country, you owe it to yourself to check this site, which is dedicated to speed traps and their avoidance.  Undated regularly, it not only contains the areas of concern but also the attitude of the local law, ways to avoid the traps, etc.  Definitely a must for travelers.

    Even though I abhor excessive Web page links, if there is a site that appears constructive and worthwhile for the dissimulation of information, I will incorporate that site into this one.  So now, without further ado, here is the limited links page.


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