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Warning:  Do not attempt to perform any of the following procedures if you are not comfortable or competent with soldering equipment or electronic equipment.  I shall not be held responsible for any mishaps whatsoever, including damage to your receiver or other equipment.

Accessing the discriminator output on the FRG-9600

    The discriminator output is required if you wish to intercept and decode digital data, similar to the POCSAG code utilized by contemporary pagers.  On this output you can receive unfiltered raw audio, before it's processed by the amplifier, tone controls, etc.  Consequently, this audio output will be affected by the squelch control circuitry.

Components required


    First write down all the stored frequencies in case the memories are erased during this procedure.  Power down the unit and disconnect all cables.  Then, open  the top of FRG-9600 and locate the Narrow-FM board.  Generally, this board can be located around the center of the unit, roughly 110mm from the back panel (there will be an etching on the main board next to the unit).  Next, locate the IC chip labeled MC3357P and attach one leg of the capacitor to the soldered lead pin #14 (this pin is located on the top row of the IC, starting from the side where the IC has notch) on the PC board.  Be careful, as this lead is rather small.  Now older the inner conductor of the coaxial cable to the other capacitor lead (a must).  The outer conductor must be soldered to a location that supplies ground, somewhere near the capacitor.  Finally, add some insulating tape or cable tie to secure the capacitor to prevent it from shorting out the components

    That's it!  You may utilize an unused jack on the back of the unit, or utilize the extra antenna access hole for the connection, or just loop the cable through the hole.

    Now check your solder joints.  They should be clean (shiny) and must not touch any other part of the unit.  Once you are satisfied, reconnect the cables and power up the unit, reprogramming the frequencies if necessary.

    If you require additional clarification regarding this procedure, these additional instructions should prove helpful.

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