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Warning:  Do not attempt to perform any of the following procedures if you are not comfortable or competent with soldering equipment or electronic equipment.  I shall not be held responsible for any mishaps whatsoever, including damage to your receiver or other equipment.

Expanding the frequency range of the FRG-9600

    The nominal frequency range of this receiver is from 60MHz to 905MHz continueously.  Certain models destened for European countries natually have different ranges available.  In order same save itself money in production and engineering, Yaesu created one receiver to cover all markets.  Thus, the units sold in the United States can be modified to expand the frequency range, typically ranging from 20MHz to 950MHz.

Components required


   First write down al the stored frequencies in case the memories are erased during this procedure.  Power down the unit and disconnect all cables.  Then, remove the bottom cover of the unit.  By now, you should see the solder side of the PCB, as shown above.  In the green square you can view the 1 KOHM resistor, soldered between the No. 1 pin (counting from the top) and the nearby ground terminal of the pin array labeled J8001/J9001, next to the black rubber piece.  Next, remove the top cover and locate the Band Unit, a vertical PCB surrounded by metal that is near the front of the receiver.  You can also check the etching on the main PCB to help locate the unit.  Near the top of the Band Unit PCB, you'll see six empty holes, marked on the drawing by an "X"


    You have to solder the jumpers marked X --- X, either by connecting the soldering points on the back or by inserting the jumpers through the holes in the front.  If you have SW1 installed, it must be in the off position.  Usually this switch is not installed in units shipped to the United States:  Its use is to limit the frequency range of the FRG-9600 (see above), probably for some countries that require it.

    Now let's check the solder joints.  They should be clean (shiny) and should not touch any other nearby components or pins.  Check as well that you have not left any metal chips or shavings from the jumpers or the solder lead from the inside of the receiver.  Place the top and bottom covers back on the unit, reconnect all cables and power on.

    With this configuration you can dial from 0.0000 to 990.0000, however, the receiver will only discern signals from 20MHz to 950MHz.  However, follow these additional instructions to achieve maximum interception for the 900MHz band.

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